Waterproof flooring could be what you need

Waterproof flooring ensures protection against water damage. But did you know these materials can do so much more? They are beautiful, long-lasting, and can work in various situations.

Making the most of these materials can mean installing them in every room of your home. They are appealing in every area, with benefits that keep giving. Be sure to learn more about what these materials could do for your household.

Visual for every room

The materials you'll find in waterproof vinyl flooring give you options for any decor. Some materials mimic natural stone, wood, and porcelain tile, with beautiful colors. But you'll even find unique textures in these lines for results that last.

Trending options include stone and wood-look materials. But it also has a variety of tile appearances, from rustic to eclectic and more. These looks are popular enough to keep you current for years, so consider all your choices.

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Durability you know well

Besides complete waterproof protection, waterproof flooring offers more protection for your busy areas. Scratch, scuff, stain, and dent protection are also outstanding benefits in this line. In addition, if you have pets or children, you'll see fewer signs of wear, especially over time.

This durability translates into an impressive lifespan that can reach 20 years. A professional installation is the best way to ensure these results. And it's essential to care for these surfaces daily.

Is waterproof and water-resistant flooring the same thing?

These materials do differ from one another in that waterproof floors are impervious. Water-resistant flooring gives you up to 72 hours to clean up messes and dampness. After that, the damage is a possibility, especially over time.

For some, water resistance gives you the peace of mind you want and need. But with waterproof flooring, you'll never have to worry about damage. We'll tell you exactly which options will work for your requirements as you share them with us.
Waterproof flooring in Bellingham, WA from The Curated Home

Choose your waterproof flooring today

At The Curated Home, we cater to all your flooring needs for any size remodel. Our associates understand your needs and cater to them for the best waterproof flooring. And we're here to answer all your questions as you shop for your perfect materials.

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